eSIM – Global Roaming eSIM 7 Popular Providers – Compare, Contrast & Consider

eSIM – Global Roaming eSIM 7 Popular Providers – Compare, Contrast & Consider

eSIM – Global eSIM
Global Roaming eSIM 7 Popular Providers
Compare, Contrast & Consider

Unlock the power of eSIM with Phone System Global
* And why Resellers consider Phone System Global to provide them Wholesale
White Label Global Roaming eSIM MVNO Service.

You are now provided a simple analysis that will assist you to compare, contract & Consider which of the Global Roaming eSIM Providers you want to signup to provide you a wholesale lower or lowest data, voice and text rates including DID Phone Numbers for your Global eSIM MVNO White Label Mobile Brand

Here is a list of 7 Global eSIM Providers Data Rates for you to choose any of them based on your own further research:
Numero eSIM
Airaro eSIM
Ubigi eSIM
One SIM Card

Click on the immediate link below to take you to webpage to see the data rates by these 7 popular providers:

>>>>Global Roaming eSIM 7 Popular Providers



 i) NumeroeSIM


ii) Airaro eSIM


iii) GlobaleSIM


iv) Ubigi eSIMSource:

v) Onesimcard


vi) WorldSIM


vii) PGS eSIM



Points to note for Phone System Global below:

PSG – Phone System Global eSIM

REG – Regular Global for PSG Global eSIM.

PREM – Premium Global for PSG Global eSIM.

RE – Regional Global for PSG Global eSIM

No asterisk – Regular Global eSIM

* Premium Global eSIM

** PSG Global eSIM – with Regional/local add-on eSIM. (PSG highly competitive Asian Local/Regional Roaming eSIM)


Points to note for other Global eSIM Providers & Phone System Global below:

* Data Rates (as published on providers sites as from December 9-21, 2023)

XXXX – Other Providers Retail Markups % are from industrial standard of the range of 15% to 70%. That is, Industrial/Competitive Standard is from 45% Retail Markup for their end-users.

PSG: Typical 35% Retail Markup Data Rates for Resellers from PSG Wholesale Date Rate.

Other Providers: where there is no local rate for that country, and there is a regional rate for that country, the regional rate is selected or if the regional rate is lower than the local rate, the regional rate is selected.

Other Providers: rates sources are from the various providers website with their various URL Links below, however, some of the providers may have some promotions ongoing for lower data rates as published on their websites. You may need to contact them to know if they have any ongoing promo or discounts, etc. for that roaming data rates.

N/A – ‘Not Available’ if the local and/or regional rate for that country is not provided as at the timeframe (December 9-21, 2023) of the rates look up. However, it may be possible that at the time of rate lookup, server network issues may occur and so the rate for that country may be unavailable as at that time. It is advisable you visit the provider website to check yourself and/or contact the provider for the rate for a country data rate indicated as N/A. You may also browse through the provider site to check on the PAYG Data rate calculation to have an idea of what the data rate may cost in a country indicated as N/A.

Rates: The Data Rates are so competitive that in a few countries, other providers’ data rates are lower than PSG. However, PSG data rates are much lower in several countries than other providers.

Other Providers: In the absence of direct rate for a provider roaming eSIM, the data rate published on their website for the provider roaming SIM is used.

Other Providers: Please, note that providers data rates published on their websites are subject to change and it is advisable you visit their website to get their current roaming data rates as such supersede the information on their data rates provided above.

Plan Validity Duration: A Reseller could decide to set validity duration for a plan as necessary based on their market niche or traffic countries.

How Cheap is a Data Rate: To know how cheap a data rate is to look from PAYG data rate tup to 1GB data plan cost and not the bigger and/or large GB data cost as the bigger/larger GB data cost is purely a marketing strategy which any Reseller could as well use AI to create bigger and may be larger GB Data plans with reasonable cost but with FUP and data limit with reduction speed terms and conditions undertone, where an average intended subscriber don’t read through such terms and conditions, but are carried away by the offerings on face-value before later realizing.

Unlimited Data packages offering: There are some Global Roaming eSIM Providers claiming to provide unlimited Data packages for small amount of money in several countries including the United States, Canada, the UK, etc. which even the major MNOs in the said countries, e.g. United States – MNOs such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon that have unlimited (but capped FUP break-off and thereafter speed reduction) data packages for exorbitant amount of money will never offer their subscribers of a very low amount less than$21 or less for an unlimited DATA package in the United States, neither would the various local or National MVNOs operating in the United States offer unlimited data packages for $21 or less, yet we have heard of one or so Roaming eSIM MVNO provider/s not even based in the United States promising offerings as stated on their website/s offering unlimited data packages in every country including the United States for $21 or less. That is absolutely not possible. It might be a deception and/or some terms and conditions that the intended subscribers may not be aware of. Do your research on AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, etc. and other local or National MVNOs in the United States if they are offering unlimited data packages for $21 or less. No foreign roaming eSIM provider will offer roaming eSIM data to their customers for unlimited data package for $21 or less when roaming in the United States as we know it. If these major MNOs (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. and other various local or national MVNOs operating in the United States cannot offer unlimited data packages for that amount of $25 or less in the United States, forget about those one or so Roaming eSIM provider/s stating unlimited data packages offer on their website/s for $21 or less.

In the United States, the MNOs are so concerned about US-based and/or foreign-based Roaming GSM eSIMs/SIMs partner providers roaming on their (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) networks in the United States with permanent roaming for voice services and they do frown or sometimes block that roaming partner because some sort of permanent roaming voice, etc.  This is one of the reason, Phone System Global came up with the combined technology of GSM + VOIP where the voice outgoing and incoming service is utilized by GSM + VOIP to allow permanent roaming without any hurt to the said MNOs and Phone System Global has been doing this for some years now and will continue offering such combined technology of GSM + VOIP that includes Data, Voice and Text services with DID Phone Numbers to White Label eSIM MVNO Reseller Partners where they could provide such superb services to their end-user customers.

Currency: Please, note that prices listed on this comparison may change at any time by the provider and so it is advisable to check at the provider website the current rates and for provider whose currency is other than the US dollar, the US dollar amount indicated could change at any time because of dollar exchange rate to the currency used by the provider.

Phone System Global – White Label MVNO Resellers’ Advantages

* eSIM Solution with Cloud Platform – Backend (Reseller Self-Care Portal & Customer Self-Care Portal) to embedded automated eSIM Signup Script at Reseller Frontend Website (not available by other Telecom BSS Providers).

* White Label Global eSIM MVNO Reseller Business with lowest Wholesale Rates for Global Mobile Data, Voice & Text services with coverage in 230+ countries and DID Phone Numbers from 60+ countries with the choice to choose telephone numbers from more than 4000 areas/cities codes.

* Reliable & Accurate Industrial Standard & Award-Winning Telecom Billing Platform – PortaBilling (PortaOne) B0SS (BSS & OSS) Billing Platform with Backend and Frontend Capabilities with White Label Reseller Self-Care Portal and Customer Self-Care Portal.

* eSIM – no monthly billing for the use of the eSIM itself and eSIM does not expire. However, some of PSG Resellers do charge their customers a monthly fee for every active eSIM, but PSG does not charge the Resellers monthly fee for active eSIMs.

* Low Start-up cost to start your Global eSIM MVNO Reseller Business on a White Label with your own Mobile Brand Name as a Global Wireless Telecom Network owner.

* Add-on telecom and technology services and products which other providers may have or may not have or are trying to develop theirs.

PSG: PSG deals directly with Resellers, providing Resellers lowest and competitive wholesale rates where they could do percentage retail mark up and resell to their customers/end-users.

* DID Phone Numbers: PSG offers its Resellers robust and lower costs that could beat the competition any time any day globally.

* 4G & 5G Data service and Robust & Dynamic Voice and Text services: PSG offers its Resellers lower outgoing cost for voice and text services that could beat the competition any time any day globally. Whether it is Data only service, or Data, Voice & Text Services, PSG could make the necessary partition for you to offer unique mobile telecom wireless services globally and locally. Some providers only offer Data service and even those providers who offer data, voice and text services offer limited voice and text services with not robust DID Phone Numbers ordering and management portal.

* Global Softphone: PSG offers its Resellers an affordable unique Branded or Co-branded Softphone where they could provide it free of charge to their end-users to increase customer satisfaction for voice and text services in addition to the voice and data services of the eSIM.

* Global Coverage: PSG voice, text and data services are available in 230+ countries and a Reseller can be rest assured of global coverage with PSG services. Some other providers are not offering Voice and Text services, neither DID Phone Numbers, but only Data; Phone System Global offers Data only service, Data, Voice and Text Services with DID Phone Numbers covering 230+ countries. And again, some other providers are offering some of  the destination data services they are offering in some countries, yet they have such still stated on their websites.

* PSG offers its Resellers automated eSIM Signup widget, which is rarely provided by other providers,

* White Label MVNO Services: PSG provides a complete white label MVNO services and not an affiliate program for its Resellers globally, which means your own mobile brand network on your own terms to your end-users in pricing and services provision. However, PSG Resellers can have affiliate program for referral purposes for their eSIMs and services to third-party enthusiastic companies and persons.

* Many more!

If you are interested, fore more info and want to signup, kindly contact us by clicking on the link ‘’Contact Us’

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