Phone System Global – Solution for IoT – Turnkey Global Connectivity for IoT

Phone System Global – Solution for IoT – Turnkey Global Connectivity for IoT

Global Roaming IoT eSIM & SIM for Global MVNO Resellers

– Consumer & Enterprise customers

– Permanent Roaming IoT Solutions covering 250+ countries on 750+ networks

– Data and Text

– Lowest Roaming wholesale Data and Text Rates

– Voice via VoIP/SIP on supported Devices/Smartphones

– 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, 5G

– Supports consumer and enterprise uses.

– Global coverage

– Could add DID Phone Number/s via supported platform

Phone System Global (PSG) – IOT SOLUTIONS: Use Case & Consumer Devices

PSG IoT Vertical Framework Use case

5G NR Module Family

LTE-A Module Family

LTE Module Family

Smart Module Family

LPWA Module Family

Automotive Module Family

Automotive LTE-A Module Family

Automotive 5G Module Family

Wi-Fi & BT Module Family

UMTS/HSPA (+) Module Family

GSM/GPRS Module Family

Telematics and Transport

Automotive OEM

Vehicle Tracking

Asset Tracking

Ship Tracking

Fleet Management


Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV)

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)


Electricity Meters

Gas Meters

Water Meters

Heat Meters

Smart Grids

Wind Turbines

Solar Panels Charging Piles


Wireless POS

Cash Registers


Vending Machines

Top-up Machines



Intrusion Detection

Smoke Detectors

Gas Detectors

Motion Sensors

Asset Protection

Smart Cities

Street Lighting

Traffic Lights

Sharing Economy

Smart Elevators

Smart Parking

Parking Meters

Toll Collection Systems

Digital Signage

Smart Bins

Outdoor LED Lighting



Consumer Routers

Industrial Routers


Wi-Fi Hotspots


Industrial PDAs/ Scanners

Industrial PCs

Rugged Tablet PCs

Pipeline Monitoring Robots


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Industrial Refrigerators

Indoor Air Monitoring

Water Valves/ Pump Controls

Life & Healthcare

Personal Trackers

Pet Trackers


Home Automation

Elderly Monitoring

Remote Medical Equipment


Blood Pressure Monitors

Recreational Machines

Patient Monitoring Laptops

Agriculture & Environment

Food Traceability

Farmland Monitoring

Farm Machinery Management

Meteorological Stations

Wildlife Tracking


Environmental Monitoring

Phone System Global Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT)/M2M network services enable Global MVNO Resellers Partners of White Label basis who are interested in both IoT Solutions for Devices and Machines.
The Phone System Global Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT)/M2M enables Global MVNOs on a White Label Reseller to offer IoT eSIMs & SIMs to their customers (Consumer & Enterprise) where they could use the eSIMs and SIMs on various IoT devices and on consumer devices as well.
Interested MVNO Resellers Partners or prospective MVNO Reseller could contact us for Commercials with Wholesale Rate and Global Coverage Sheet. Please, click here to Contact Us now.

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