Global eSIM Profiles

Global eSIM Profiles
White Label Global eSIM MVNO Branded Opportunity

This Global opportunity has no limitations and can be operated from anywhere in the world. And now the Digital World Global opportunity sees every country in the world as its domain.  In order to allow new entrants to join the market from any background. With the Global eSIM, Phone System Global™  has partnered with leading core networks’ owners to developed a simple and effective solution that can be implemented and operated without the need for extensive resources and previous telecoms experience. As well as appealing to Global MVNOs, Travel Brands now have the opportunity to expand their services into the highly profitable mobile market.

Live within weeks!

Integration with for your Global eSIM MVNO Mobile Wireless Network brand can be completed within a matter of weeks, connecting your customers to over 560 networks in 230+ countries in one step.

How does it work?

The service is provided as a White Label Product. By this we mean the eSIMs/SIM cards will carry your Brand and more importantly the subscribers that are brought on to the service are owned and managed by you.

You are able to set the terms and conditions under which the service is provided. You are in full control of the retail rates that are charged to the subscribers for voice calls, data sessions and SMS messaging, thus determining your own margins.

Prepayments (customer top ups) are paid directly to you, meaning positive cash flow and breakage (unused credit).

You are free to market in any territory including your country, region, continent and globally. without any restrictions, using your own branding which can be carried through to displaying the company name on the handset itself at all times.

Getting Going

Phone System Global™  ensure that the entry cost of launching a white label mobile phone service is as minimal as possible. There are no integration costs for standard implementations, one-time low fee set up cost and order of your first hundred eSIM QR Codes and a small prepayment deposit for airtime.

Integrating your billing systems

Phone System Global™  internal technical team have made integration with existing billing systems easy through the use of web based API’s. These allow you to take full control of the system, or just use different options from the varied selection of API’s to build your unique service offering.

Market Advisory to Technical Support to launch your Mobile Network Brand up and running!

Phone System Global™  have experienced MVNOs market analysts with 13+ years’ experience in Global Telecommunication and Technology will assist you throughout the process especially for new entrants who will need such services. We provide this service as part of our assistance to new MVNO to setup their Mobile Wireless Network brand up and running.

Your White Label MVNO eSIM IMSI(s) or MSISDN(s) for your Mobile Wireless Network Brand
(1) UK Governmental Agency Regulated +44 UK Global eSIM IMSI or MSISDN

The MVNO White Label eSIM IMSI or MSISDN or phone number comes with a Global eSIM with regulated +44 UK phone numbers. So, each eSIM QR Code comes with its unique +44UK Global phone number, which does not have any monthly, quarterly or yearly fee. You may decide to set small monthly, quarterly or yearly fee, but we advise keep it without any monthly, quarterly or yearly fee.

(2) US Governmental Agency Regulated +1 US eSIM with +1 US IMSI or MSISDN Phone number

is also available but we do not advise you add this to your Global MVN0 Mobile Network Brand (though managed separately as each eSIM is a Profile provided by a Mobile Wireless Network and must be managed separately in the Smartphone or Device by the user even in usage switching from DATA to VOICE from one eSIM Profile use to another) as it will not be cost-effective if your customers are not residing in the United States. However, we can also have this (USA eSIM) added to your Global MVNO if you wish, but we will have to provide you with a separate plans and pricing, setup fee and delivery timeline. The regulated +1US eSIM IMSI or MSISDN will have a monthly fee, in addition to a subscribed US Mobile plan.

Our regulated +1 US eSIM IMSIs or MSISDNs major supplier is AT&T, Inc. on Wholesale Rates.

The +1 US eSIM IMSIs or MSIDNs on Wholesale Rates from T-Mobile is still pending because of the recent merger of T-Mobile USA with Sprint USA. We envisaged that our T-Mobile +1 US eSIM IMSIs or MSIDNs from on Wholesale Rates will become available in the Fall of 2020.

(3) What we do advise our Global MVNO Resellers is to add a LPN (Local Phone Number) or Phone Numbers previously called DIDs available in 75+ countries.

This could be mapped to the Global eSIM (+44 UK IMSI or MSISDN) and so your customers whether from your country or other countries will have the option to have local DIDS.

The LPNs (Local Phone Numbers) are available in 75+ countries (including the United States LPNs as well as other countries worldwide) which will give your subscriber customers the choice to select a country, state/region/province/area/city telephone code of preference and map it with the Global eSIM IMSI or MSISDN. The LPNs available in the 75+ countries are billed monthly from $1.5 and up to $10 and for few of them upward from $10 and above per month. Even so, this may still be cheaper for non-US residents if they are to subscribed to a regulated +1US eSIM IMSI or MSISDN. But the choice is up to you as an MNVO Reseller if this will work well for your customers and if you intend to have a US based subscribers for the regulated +1US eSIM IMSI or MSISDN.

(4) For eSIM Profile with regulated IMSI or MSISDN from several other countries;

We are just on top of the on the watch and once any of such comes up, we will let you know through our regular/monthly/quarterly newsletters sent out to our MVNO Resellers worldwide.

eSIM/SIM Profiles
eSIM Profiles

The number of Mobile Networks an eSIM can store in a particular Smartphone or Device. An eSIM store more than one Mobile Network and can even store more than 5 mobile networks in on Smartphone or Device.

However, you can only use one Mobile Network at a time for a particular mobile usage or access, e.g. one eSIM profile for DATA access, another eSIM profile for VOICE and SMS and so on. In other words, an eSIM can have multiple profiles stored on it.

eSIM/SIM Profiles & Settings

Global [G]

Prime [P]

Global Plus [G+]

Ultra [UL]

Super [S]

Russian Profile

Asian Profile

The SIM or an eSIM could be set to roam on a particular mobile network coverage type – e.g. 3G,3.5G, 4G, & 5G. You can set your SIM or eSIM or sets of SIM/eSIM profile to roam on a particular mobile network coverage type in a particular country or in several countries according to the availability. The following are the SIM/eSIM Profiles’ settings:

Global [G] –  Global Profile setting supports 3G, 3.5G & 4G in many networks in many countries

Prime [P] – Prime Profile setting supports 3G in specific countries

Global Plus [G+] – Global+ Profile setting supports 3G in every country

Ultra [UL] – Ultra Profile setting supports 3G and 4G in many networks in many countries.

Super [S] – Super Profile setting – Coming soon!

Update – Global eSIM/Smart SIM – 5G Coverage, Russian & Asian IMSIs Now Available


Now has the much required automatic APN, 4G globally as well as 5G now being active in certain networks around the world. We are the world’s first eSIM provider to offer this and the coverage with rapidly grow.


Has worldwide coverage with 4G coming very shortly.


Automatic APN with the cheapest possible data rates in quite a few destinations.

Russian IMSI

This is a true local Beeline profile with automatic APN and 4G coming with the cheapest possible data bundles.

Asian IMSI

One IMSI working across most of South East Asia at fantastic rates. Automatic APN and 4G.

Global, Global+ and Ultra can be used as data only or also supporting voice and SMS just like our normal SIM cards. The same HelpDesk supports these and the same APIs.

The Russian and Asian IMSIs are data only however all the APIs are available for bundle subscription and activation.

Please Note: Profiles cannot be changed interchangeable. We will program and product eSIM QR Codes you order according to the Profiles you specify. For example, you can order   a minimum quantity of 100 of a mixture of the QR or Activation Code, for example:

– 100 of eSIM QR Codes mixture for Global Profile Setting [50], Global+ Profile Setting [30], Ultra Profile Setting [20]


– 100 of eSIM QR Codes mixture for Global Profile Setting [50], Russian Profile Setting [20], Asian Profile Setting [30]


– 100 of eSIM QR Codes for Global Profile Setting


– 100 of eSIM QR Codes for Global+ Profile Setting

Minimum Per Quantity Order (MPQO) of the Quick Response (QR) Codes for Global eSIM MVNO Resellers is 100 QRs or Activation Codes.

Billing Increment

The billing increments are also shown where the numbers represent

Billing Increments **

 2 – 1kb

 3 – 10kb

 4 – 100kb

 5 – 500kb

 6 – 50kb

 7 – Initial 50kb, then 10kb increments

 8 – Initial 100k, then 20kb increments

 9 – Initial 10k, then 1kb increments

 10 – 20Kb

 11 – 200Kb

At retail level you are in full control of the rates and billing increments and you can of course use your own billing system if you wish. Column K of the Rate Sheet represents the networks supporting 3G and 4G. Our platform allows you to block SIM card registration to any network so you can pick and choose what coverage you wish to offer. Our platform also supports full retail data bundles settings for your customers (end-users).

Still have any further questions, please, contact us for clarifications and how to start your own White Label MVNO Reseller Business.

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