Start your White Label Global IPTV-OTT MVTvO Network Business

Start your White Label Global IPTV-OTT MVTvO Network Business

–  A complete end to end solution to offer TVSaaS for your subscribers.

Phone System Global – MVTvO – IPTV-OTT Tv Network

Phone System Global Mobile Virtual Tv Operator (MVTvO) was conceived in late July 2020 and then set up in early October 2021 as a Global Enabler of Cloud-Based TV as a Services (TVaaS) Solutions for B2B one-stop-shop complete end-to-end IPTV-OTT for their subscribers.

PSG MVTvO IPTV-OTT Division offers a complete ITPV-OTT platform on a White Label basis that combines all the listed services below to enable Start-ups, SMS companies a complete end-to-end solution to offer TVServices for their subscribers in their country/regions and globally:

  • Cloud Based HeadEnd
  • Cloud Based Platform
  • Cloud Based DRM
  • Apps
  • Players
  • EPG/Metadata
  • CRM


Live TV ▫Movies ▫World ▫ Series ▫Your Native Channel, etc.

Live Channels, VOD, SVOD, PPV, Start-Over, Catch-Up, FAST Channels, Monetization, etc.

Over 120,000 hours of films and series in multiple languages and genres,

Premium And Partner Channels

* Tailor-made premium content mix & branded channels

* Possibility of exclusive deals

* Flexibility of partner channels and bundle

Phone System Global IPTV-OTT VOD supports:

* Subscription-based

* Thousands of hours of global & local content, including premium

* Low monthly subscription

* Flexibility to change the content mix often

* Fully custom consulting on strategy and expansion of viewership and bundle

* Select from thousands of hours of global and local content, including Premium

• Low monthly subscription for your subscribers

• Flexibility to change the content mix often for your subscribers.

• Fully bespoke monthly consultation on Strategy and Expansion of viewership


More than 45 languages and dialects


TV series, movies and interactive content


More than 65 different genres and themes

Year of Production

Content from the 60s till 2022!

Phone System Global IPTV-OTT Streaming Content for B2B clients is a subscription-based service that allows streaming platforms access for hundreds of hours of content at a low monthly subscription fee, with the flexibility to change the content mix from time to time

International IPTV-OTT TV Services Coverage & Expansion of Networks

North America -USA, Canada

Europe-UK, France, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia countries, etc.

MENA -UAE, Qatar, Saudi, Egypt, Morocco, etc.

Africa-South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, etc.

Asia Pacific -Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Australia, Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, India, etc.

Latin & South America -Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, etc.

Caribbean Islands – Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Haiti, Barbados, Puerto Rico, etc.

Delivery Methods:

Delivery methods: IP, HLS, SRT, RTMP and Linear  

SRT and RTMP are IP delivery technology that don’t require a satellite downlink.

HLS is a streaming format that will save space in your origin and packager.

The delivery method is how those channels can we aggregated to your platform. 

Channels – Global Channel Distribution

– Entertainment Channels

– News Channels

– Lifestyle Channels

– Classics Channels

– Comedy Channels

– Food Channels

– Western Channels

– Kids Channels

– Womanhood Channels

– Sports Channels

– Music Channels

– Space Channels

– Faith Channels

– Military Channels

– Law Channels

– Native Channels

– Many more!

Signup now and launch in December 2022/January 2023 in your country/region/globally

Interested! For more information for commercial White Label IPTV-OTT Network platform, please click here to contact us.

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