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White Label Global eSIM MVNO opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT), M2M OEMs, Suppliers and Dealers

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On any Device, On Any Network and At Anywhere in the World –  Connected Seamlessly and Effectively across all platforms

The eSIM or the Global eSIM provides many opportunities and applications for Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M (Machine to Machine) OEMs, Suppliers and Dealers across the various industries empowering the automation systems through DATA and Devices connectivity and interaction on any network anywhere in the world even from remote locations across the various industries and sectors below:


Technology & ICT

Convergent Information & Technology Data Analytical Services (CITDAS)

DATA Science

Research Centers




Healthcare & Social Care

Oil and Gas

Engineering & Construction

Food Processing & Packaging

Manufacturing and Recycling




Education & Training

Government (Local, State & Federal)


Transportation & Logistics

Real Estate & Hospitality



Sports & Recreation

And several other industries’ applications, wherever global DATA (Big DATA) is required to power its devices and machines to seamlessly connect to each other effortlessly and effectively.

Organizations and businesses can become a Global eSIM MVNO and partner with OEMs, Suppliers and Dealers for Global eSIM provisioning DATA (the BIG DATA) to empower their devices for use by the end-user usage, corporate usage and enterprise usage

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You can also read more on the topic below by clicking here. ‘’ The many opportunities eSIM promises for IoT


eSIM Chips for M2M and IoT; eSIM chips for consumers and eSIM versus traditional M2M SIMs

eSIM chips for M2M and IoT

The M2M market – more widely known as the Internet of Things – is growing at an almost exponential rate.

Gartner Group* sees the number of IoT-connected devices at more than 6.4 billion, growing at 30 percent year on year. By 2020, the analyst firm predicts that there will be 21 billion IoT-connected products, from industrial devices to household goods, from cars to clothes.

The key challenge with any IoT device is, naturally, to connect it to a network and to keep it connected, in the most flexible, adaptable and manageable way. And this challenge is heightened when connecting by way of a traditional M2M SIM card. These require manufacturing resource – both time and money – to integrate into devices. They then require additional resource when they need to be upgraded, changed or replaced. It’s something which has to be done by hand, SIM-by-SIM.

The emerging solution to these challenges is the eSIM chip: a fixed SIM which, once embedded, is there for the entirety of the product lifecycle. It can be programmed – and, more importantly, reprogrammed – whenever and however required, completely remotely.

* Source: Gartner Group – Gartner Says 8.4 Billion Connected “Things” Will Be in Use in 2017, Up 31 Percent From 2016 to 2020 and beyond. Read Further

eSIM chips for consumers

Various handset manufacturers are shipping phones that have the capability of downloading new mobile service over the air. But this is based on a non-standarised technology called SoftSIM. SoftSIMs’ security is open to question and, as a result, few MNOs are providing profiles for such phones. The GSMA have now completed a standard consumer eSIM specification – which Cloud 9 adheres to on every level –that provides the relevant security and, as a result, we are seeing new watches, tablets and laptops appearing on the market with built-in, properly secure eSIMs. The GSMA also have implemented a Discovery Server on which MNOs can ‘advertise’ their profiles. This permits a consumer to purchase a suitable mobile service for a specific country.

Read more :  McKinsey & Company’s report – McKinsey & Company’s report’ below on E-SIM for consumers—a game changer in mobile telecommunications?

 eSIMs versus traditional M2M SIMs

A common misnomer of eSIM chips is to think of them as virtual equivalents of physical SIM cards found in mobile phones. Mobile phones, mobile operators and indeed mobile customers have traditionally enjoyed physical interaction with their SIM cards. They remove them, replace them, and swap one operators for another’s. But this is rarely possible with M2M SIMs in the Internet of Things.

It’s unlikely that an M2M SIM is easily accessible within an IoT-connected device. And an M2M business ‘user’ might have a fleet of hundreds of devices within their remit, as opposed to one in their back pocket. An M2M SIM could be positioned deep inside a car dashboard, for example. And cars, unlike mobile phones, also pass from owner to owner – and, potentially, from country to country – on a regular basis. 

Service & Benefits

Service & Benefits

– Coverage in 230+ countries
The profiles on the Global eSIM have coverage on 380 networks in 230+ countries. This guarantees that your customers will be able to get service no matter where they are. 4G is available on 130 of these networks. Agreements with many Mobile Network Operators around the world providing the leading aggregation service are already in place, so this takes off any headache on your part.

-Your Customers can access DATA, VOICE & SMS on major or multiple GSM Networks in their various countries.

The Global eSIM makes it easier for your customers/clients to access cheap DATA, VOICE and SMS on major or multiple GSM networks in your country or globally even when they travel abroad accessing the cheapest network DATA, VOICE and SMS with the same one Global eSIM with no need of porting their phone number/s to another network or subscribing for a new network per say acquiring a physical SIM Card and all the inconveniences that come with the latter migration.

-Low costs for roaming voice and data

You will be able to offer prices that are up to 85% than the domestic operators.

-eSIM IMSI QR codes
Give your customers QR codes so that they can download service into eSIMs in the latest smartphones, tablets and laptops.

-Smart SIMs IMSIs

Phone System Global™ can also provide regular removable plastic SIMs or IMSIs if you want to make your own SIMs or download them into your programmable SIMs.
-Data bundles
Phone System Global™ will allow you to create your own data bundles so that you can make money on breakage. Data bundles can be throttled if you wish as your mobile network brand will be a white label.


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eSIM/SIM Profiles

 eSIM Profiles

The number of Mobile Networks an eSIM can store in a particular Smartphone or Device. An eSIM store more than one Mobile Network and can even store more than 5 mobile networks in on Smartphone or Device. However, you can only use one Mobile Network at a time

for a particular mobile usage or access, e.g. one eSIM profile for DATA access, another eSIM profile for VOICE and SMS and so on. In other words, an eSIM can have multiple profiles stored on it.

eSIM/SIM Profiles & Settings

Global [G]
Prime [P]

Global Plus [G+]

Ultra [UL]

Super [S]

Russian Profile

Asian Profile

The SIM or an eSIM could be set to roam on a particular mobile network coverage type – e.g. 3G,3.5G, 4G, & 5G. You can set your SIM or eSIM or sets of SIM/eSIM profiles to roam on a particular mobile network coverage type in a

particular country or in several countries according to the availability. The following are the SIM/eSIM Profiles’ settings:

Global [G] –  Global Profile setting supports 3G, 3.5G & 4G in many networks in many countries

Prime [P] – Prime Profile setting supports 3G in specific countries

Global Plus [G+] – Global+ Profile setting supports 3G in every country

Ultra [UL] – Ultra Profile setting supports 3G and 4G in many networks in many countries.

Super [S] – Super Profile setting – Coming soon!

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Update – Global eSIM SIM – 5G Coverage, Russian & Asian IMSIs now available

We have added some exciting news to the Global eSIM. The availability of the Russian and Asian IMSIs are in addition to our Global, Global+, Ultra, Prime and Super Profiles.

5G coverage is now available under the Global profile.

With more and more phones having an inbuilt eSIM we are now finding ourselves supplying more QR codes than physical SIM cards. Currently the iPhone 10 and 11 series have this as well as the more affordable iPhone SE. Android handsets include the Pixel 3, 3, 4 and 4a. Samsung include the S20, Z Flip and Fold. Motorola have the Razr 2019. There are many more new Smartphones and Devices that are now supporting eSIM.

With QR codes the service can be delivered in a matter of seconds and gone are the days of having to ship SIM cards.


Now has the much required automatic APN, 4G globally as well as 5G now being active in certain networks around the world. We are the world’s first eSIM provider to offer this and the coverage with rapidly grow.


Has worldwide coverage with 4G coming very shortly.


Automatic APN with the cheapest possible data rates in quite a few destinations.

Russian IMSI

This is a true local Beeline profile with automatic APN and 4G coming with the cheapest possible data bundles.

Asian IMSI

One IMSI working across most of South East Asia at fantastic rates. Automatic APN and 4G.

Global, Global+ and Ultra can be used as data only or also supporting voice and SMS just like our normal SIM cards. The same HelpDesk supports these and the same APIs.

The Russian and Asian IMSIs are data only however all the APIs are available for bundle subscription and activation.

Please Note: Profiles cannot be changed interchangeable. We will program and produce eSIM QR Codes you order according to the Profiles you specify. For example, you can order   a minimum quantity of 100 of a mixture of the QR or Activation Code, for example:

– 100 of eSIM QR Codes mixture for Global Profile Setting [50], Global+ Profile Setting [30], Ultra Profile Setting [20]


– 100 of eSIM QR Codes mixture for Global Profile Setting [50], Russian Profile Setting [20], Asian Profile Setting [30]


– 100 of eSIM QR Codes for Global Profile Setting


– 100 of eSIM QR Codes for Global+ Profile Setting

Minimum Per Quantity Order (MPQO) of the Quick Response (QR) Codes for Global eSIM MVNO Resellers is 100 QRs or Activation Codes.

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