When PayPal Asked Me for $1 Million | Michele Romanow

When PayPal Asked Me for $1 Million | Michele Romanow
October 25, 2022 No Comments Technology admin

Again, we are bringing to you Michele Romanow video again on one of her Success Stories on

‘’When Paypal Asked Me for $1 Million’’ – Michele Romanow.

Want to succeed in your global business expansion? You need to learn from Michele Romanow.

It is posted few months back, but we hope bringing this video to your attention will be beneficial since you are already building or about to build your Global Digital Borderless Business of whatever product or services. You will learn lot from Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow joined the cast of CBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2014 after successfully selling her digital coupon business SnapSaves to Groupon. At 28 years old, she was the youngest “dragon” on the show, but that didn’t stop her from innovating. During her second episode, Michele decided to flip the traditional Dragons’ Den pitch from equity to revenue. The decision led to the creation of the investment company Clearco and the invention of the revenue-based financing category. The model helps fund ecommerce companies fast and affordable, where founders pay a set percentage only when they make revenue. To date, Clearco has invested $4B in 10,000 founders in 11 countries across the world. Listen to Nathan and Michele discuss: – Why her first business was a caviar fishery – Acquiring customers through sidewalk chalk – Creating the Clearco model by shifting the Dragons’ Den model – Accepting rejection as part of the job – Taking advice from people that you want to be – How to build the relentless muscle – How data removes bias from funding decisions – Stories and lessons from Dragons’ Den – And much more ecommerce funding advice… Foundr & Clearco have teamed up to help you increase cash flow & extend payment terms for your online business: https://clear.co/partner/bnpl/foundr/

Watch the video of the success story of Michele Romanow, Click here

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