Dual eSIM Supported Smartphones & Tablets – What You Need To Know

Dual eSIM Supported Smartphones & Tablets – What You Need To Know
November 16, 2022 No Comments Technology admin

Devices – Smartphone, Tablet, Wearables, etc.Ever heard of Dual eSIM (Supported) Smartphone or Device?

 Many are familiar with Dual SIM phones, Dual SIM tablet, etc. and then the Dual SIM and/or eSIM supported phones and devices.

But how many are aware of the latest Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, wearables, etc.) that are now capable of Dual eSIM Support?

While we may not need to emphasize on Dual SIM supported phones, Dual SIM and/or eSIM supported phones and devices, we will now emphasize on Dual Esim Supported phones and devices as it is important for Resellers, CSPs, MVNOs to know this feature and advise their customers when buying the Smartphones, Tablets and Devices to use with their eSIM.

To simply explain Dual eSIM Supported Smartphone or Device means a Smartphone or Device that can have up to 5 Network eSIMs or up to 20 Network eSIMs installed on it and can have the first two assigned Network eSIMs receive Calls and/or SMS simultaneously at the same time from incoming third party voice calls and text message with no need to make one network eSIM the primary network for voice/text and the other for data and vice versa.

Does this article sound good? Some of the latest Smartphones such as iPhone and Google Pixel have Dual eSIM Support function. So, sometimes it is advisable to advise your customers to check if the Device have Dual eSIM Support functionality?

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