eSIM as a Service – Express & Seamless eSIM Installation (new)

eSIM as a Service – Express & Seamless eSIM Installation (new)
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eSIM as a Service – (eSIMaaS)

Express & Seamless eSIM Installation (new)

In-app eSIM provisioning

90% of all Operators will have launched a consumer eSIM by 2025

eSIM as a Service
eSIM is set to completely disrupt the telecommunications market by empowering service providers to fully digitalise their customer journey.

Phone System Global will be launching both a Global eSIM and National eSIM as ‘’eSIM as a Service’’ module that will not only enables eSIM MVNO Reseller partners to offer eSIM functionality to their users but also further improves the customer experience by providing in-app eSIM provisioning. Phone System Global will start with Master Premium Resellers to Premium Resellers partners and then will later deploy the eSIM as a Service (eSIMaaS) for Regular Resellers!

Technical Specifications –

Consumer Digital Interfaces / Mobile App / eSIMIn-app Provisioning

In-app eSIM installation:

There are two ways of activating an eSIM – using a QR code or through the provider’s app. The option with QR codes is more troublesome as it requires two devices: one to display the QR code and one to scan it.

Our in-app provisioning feature is more intuitive. A user can simply download an eSIM profile onto their phone and activate it with one tap. The process takes seconds, and the user can start using the service instantly.

eSIM as a Service

Digital Layer

Phone System Global new ’In-app eSIM installation’’ activates the eSIM profile on the device

seamlessly without the need for QR code scanning. This is achieved by integrating into the device LPA APIs (iOS & Android).

Additionally, Phone System Global Orchestration Layer manages the eSIM provisioning, stock management and secure App communication via API.

eSIM Network as a Service

Phone System Global has partnered and integrated with a GMSA accredited SAS-SM provider. SAS-SM is a network element responsible for the creation, generation, management and protection of eSIM profiles.


* In-app eSIM installation with no QR code required

* Enhanced user experience and increased satisfaction

* Eliminated logistics cost and overhead for delivering a physical SIM

* Instant service activation


* Increased customer activations

* Higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)

* Lower subscriber acquisition cost

* Higher conversion rate


The Phone System Global eSIM Software Development Kit (SDK) integrates and brings the eSIM capability into your app, offering:

* Access to eSIM provisioning APIs supporting intelligent connection, authentication and provisioning

* Supported platforms: iOS and Android

* Admin portal to manage eSIM stock and troubleshooting

* Fully functional eSIM network capability via a simple SDK integration

* Network and software support

Phone System Global eSIM SDK enables eSIM capabilities into your app, eliminating the overhead of eSIM integration.

If you are interested to launch eSIM as a Service and more more information, please click on link ”Contact Us”

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